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Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Working Class Hero"

John Lennon - Working Class Hero (1970)

Lennon's first post Beatles album produced few hits, but this folk style song still gets covered.

Just a poet and an acoustic guitar. Channeling Dylan channeling Guthrie, Lennon here tells of the plight of the working man. He snears, and sings, and speaks, and beats on the guitar to get his point across. At the time, most of the press on the song made a lot of the fact that he curses twice. I didn't even notice. I did notice that the guitar, and his voice sound a little different around 1:26. then back around 1:48.


  1. Interesting. The recording I have doesn't have that 1:26 change-up.

  2. Did you hear it? It just sounded like a little something, I'd never heard it before. for all I know I chose a bum video off Youtube to listen to. Or I was really tired when I listened to it.