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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"7 and 7 Is"

Love - 7 and 7 Is (1966)

No chorus, just two verses, and barely over two minutes long.

If you saw the record cover with the band on it, and guessed based on the year and the name of the band that this was a trippy/peace-nic/love-in kind of track you would be way off. This is a seriously hard charging track, drums going full bore and many sources refer to it as proto-punk. A early influencer on The Ramones and Alice Cooper.

The vocals are shouted, the bass and guitars often double each other giving a loud if not complex sound, and I already said the drums were crazy. This song starts loud and only gets louder. The climax at 1:55 is the sound of a gunshot, slowed down and processed to sound like an explosion. Then we get a electric bluesy outro that you would think would link to the next song on the album, only this was only ever a single for the band, so it just meanders off into nowhere after the bomb.

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