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Friday, October 14, 2011

"Feed Me with Your Kiss"

My Bloody Valentine - Feed Me with Your Kiss (1988)

I've seen these guys live! I did not really enjoy it!

The video is just someones clips. But it is a good audio quality of the album version, that doesn't start halfway into the first measure like some of the others I found.

So this is the classic lineup of what is perhaps the quintessential shoegaze band. Half English, half Irish (well, Irish American for one of them) this band was the band cited by every major shoegaze band of the late 80s and early 90s as their primary influence. What is shoegaze you ask? Originally it was a demeaning term for bands that couldn't care less about the fans or even being understood on vocals. The layers of sounds from the guitars are what they focus on, and 'all they care about'. So they stared at the ground, not caring if anyone could hear them on the microphones or if anyone was enjoying the music besides themselves.

Personally on this track I think the drums are outstanding. Really fast when they need to be, and holding down time right on the beat for the whole song. They even change volume, which not enough producers allow the drummer to do. By 2:00 you can hear the bass holding together the 'melody' while the guitars are just adding sound over the top. I don't like it, but an almost four minute long version lets me understand what they are going for. When they play live, the songs go on for about 15 minutes and the last song was at least 30 minutes of noise. Vocally I think it sounds terrible. They have produced themselves here, and it's clear they don't care about the vocal track. The vocals are thin, covered up, and Bilinda Butcher honestly sounds out of tune when she's singing by herself.

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