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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Dog Days Are Over"

Florence & The Machine - Dog Days Are Over (2009)

A song, based on a text installation piece by Ugo Rondinone seen here.

The more instruments get added to the mix, the darker and more unhinged the song gets. When it's just Florence, or Florence and a ukulele, or some percussion, the song is almost a children's song. As we get a backing choir and the piano comes in, I am suddenly worried about what exactly happens when the dog days are over. I do love the false ending. Everything drops out, then she gives a a bit of a coda-sounding bit before launching back into the uproarious bacchanalia. Then the piano and chimes drop out for four measures leaving us with just the thudding percussion (at least part of that sound is said to be Florence hitting the wall in the studio) then everything drops out for almost a measure.

I really like her voice, it's strong and not whisper thin. She sings with full belted on confidence and it's sexy. The multi-layered instruments starting with ukulele and finishing with chimes, piano, hand claps, wall, and everything else comes to us courtesy of the songs co-writer, Isabella Summers; and indie producer of Arctic Monkeys, James Ford.

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