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Friday, October 21, 2011

"Never Ever"

All Saints - Never Ever (1997)

"The alphabet runs right from A to Zed"

This is a really great example of girl group pop from the 90s. Why this wasn't as popular as the Spice Girls here in America I don't know. It starts with a really long intro that takes a page right out of the 50s/60s do-wop sound: piano/organ laying down the theme, choir singing the backup wordless and the lead being spoken. When the main body of the song kicks in, we've got a more modern, behind the beat, R&B drum track. You add a low heavy bass and you'd have a straight ahead though forgettable song. What makes this song different is the continuing organ. The song is based on Amazing Grace. They never play the melody, but they chord structure is the same, and the organ helps lead your brain to that church place. The woman all sing well as a group, though none of the individual voices are worth writing home about. As the song ends, the organ drops out and the song becomes instantly worse for it. Then to top it off, they crank the auto tune/compression up on the featured singer's voice and it washes away all of the good the song did for my mood.

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