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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Stereo MC's - Connected (1992)

I can't find a version that will let me embed it here in blogger. So click on through, but be warned. It's not really worth it.

This song takes all the elements of an early nineties hit and puts them together in the right order. It's got an infectious bass beat, simple easy to sing along with lyrics, and just enough other elements to make the song stick out enough to get noticed. In this case we've got the loud accent of the baritone sax, the occasionally heard turntable scratching, and the even rarer flute hit. These elements are different enough to get some attention, but not scary enough to turn off listeners.

The song was used in a number of early 90s movies and TV shows and does certainly make you think of the times, but it ultimately fails to convince me that it is worth petitioning the label for a twentieth anniversary re-release. Or even adding it to my iTunes.

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