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About the project.

For Christmas 2010 I received the over 900 page long book: 1001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die (and 10,001 you must download). It lived in my room, then my bathroom, for months, I would open it some days, but not all and generally enjoyed it as the trivia nerd in me was made to do. In late July of 2011 I decided to start a project of listening to every song in the book, and writing a bit about each of them I started in August of 2011 and so hope to finish sometime in 2015. I noticed that this project had been tried at least twice before, but the blogs I saw didn't continue for more than a few weeks at most. Who am I to think I can do better than that? Well, no one really. I played or still play a little piano, drums, electric bass, acoustic and electric guitar, trombone and sing in a low baritone range. I love music and have a determination to be a writer. So really, this is me trying to write something everyday. No backlogging and hording so that if I get sick a post still shows up. Just me opening up the book and writing something about the song I point to. I hope somebody gets something out of it. But mostly, I'm doing it to get better at writing.