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Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Step into My Office, Baby"

Belle & Sebastian - Step into My Office, Baby (2003)

This song sounds like a TV soundtrack from the 60s. I don't mean that in a bad way. I miss those old themes.

It starts off almost sounding like it was recorded in a garage. A really crappy garage, but by the first vocals breaking in it is a glorious sound quality. Lush strings, Horn, beautiful harmonies, and all woven together wonderfully.
The first 1:30 really does have that up beat happy and yet telling a little story kind of sound that you used to get in a TV theme. The horn is used constantly in this piece and it is amazing. such a versatile instrument. Then the change. We get amazing A Capella that then segues into a lightly instrumented (drum and string) choral segment. Then we kick back to the original up beat for a while. This drags down to a choral section I can only describe as what someone would play when the Romantic Interest in an action movie dies. Then we finish up with the fast beat again. This is a remarkably fun piece. The lyrics are witty and describe an office affair without getting ribald. The video takes it a bit beyond "an" office affair.

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