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Thursday, October 27, 2011

"I Predict a Riot"

Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict a Riot (2004)

Spooky for two seconds, then a strong, grungy, fuzzy guitar intro; this song opens like a strong angry rock anthem. The lyrics support this. The focus of the song is the goings on in clubs and underground bars in Leeds including policemen, half-naked women, people getting in fights, and ultimately the titular riot. I'm just not buying the vocals.

Musically, you can't fault anything. The intro I already mentioned is stellar. The drums are a driving snare heavy beat. The bass is great, he never really sits on one note for too long, other than the chorus, he's playing on every beat and that helps push everything forward with a lot of momentum. It's just that the vocals are not quite right for this. He's not angry, or sneering, or even slightly mad. He's well over 3 minutes into the song before I hear any urgency in his voice, otherwise he's just singing pop, and fairly clear pop as well. The video doesn't help. It's about a pillow fight for goodness sake.

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