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Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Your Ghost"

Kristin Hersh featuring Michael Stipe - Your Ghost (1994)

Heavy song. Dark and mysterious, Kristin Hersh's voice is not what one would call beautiful here. But it's a musical ghost story. It's not meant to be beautiful, what it is is something that you can't ignore. Michael Stipe's not quite harmony really adds to the creepy factor. In fact, the cello and Stipe's increasing harshness really makes this song almost hard to listen to (in the best way possible, like a suspense movie). It ends just when it has to. Honestly I would had to have turned it off if it went one more couplet.

When it is just her and the guitar, I swear the chords and her voice are just a little off. Like she's playing minor 7th chords and singing in a minor 9th. But that's not right. Anyway, great song I had never heard before.

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