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Friday, August 5, 2011


Ana Hato (with Deane Waretni) - Pokarekare (1929)

A Maori love song. I think this is the kind of song I would skip past without thinking about it if I wasn't listening as a project. There are some pretty schmaltzy covers of this song out there. Apparently, the song is now known as Pokarekare Ana and is something like a second national anthem for Kiwis. The lyrics seem to be about a man begging a woman to cross the rough waters and be with him because he needs her.

This early version of the song features a strong soprano voice in Ana Hato, and some great tenor harmony from Deane Waretni. I think the harmony is what is lacking in so many of the other versions. I like harmonies quite a bit. Other than vocals, there are very simple strings and piano in the background.

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