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Monday, August 1, 2011

"O Sole Mio"

Enrico Caruso - O Sole Mio (1916)

I've heard this song. You've heard this song. Your youngest child knows this song from cartoons whenever someone goes to Italy. It has played over the speakers in every Italian restaurant. It is hard to actually listen to this song, it has become background and setting music to such a great extent that it hides in my brain rather than allowing me to pick it apart.

Caruso has an amazing voice it must be said. The recording is not quite 100 years old, and it is still powerful. 2 minutes and 30 second in, (Ma n'atu sole) the way he holds those notes... It may be a cliche now, but if you can make yourself hear the song, and the singer, and not just listen; I think you will like what you hear.

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