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Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Your Cheating Heart"

Ray Charles - Your Cheating Heart (1962)

This is the only full version of this song available on YouTube. I looked elsewhere as well. I did find a Russian language website that seemed to have it, but it was a karaoke version. Most of what is on YouTube is live versions. There is also one that starts near the beginning, but not at the beginning. This guy has a double video, You Are My Sunshine and Your Cheating Heart, so I've got it starting in the middle.

Off of Ray Charles' second Country album. There was nothing this man could not sing. Unfortunately, there are only two of his songs in this book. If I was only going to include two Ray Charles songs, this is not one of the ones I would choose. I don't really like the backing choir, and the string arraignment is sort of a neutral. Fortunately his vocals sound like a man who has been destroyed by love. The man is an ace piano player, but I don't think that really shines in this recording. There is a piano solo, but it is short, and almost drowned out by the strings.

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