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Monday, August 8, 2011

"Always on the Run"

Lenny Kravitz - Always on the Run (1991)

This song provides the title to the album: Mama Said.

Before Are You Gonna Go My Way, Lenny Kravitz got good friend Slash to play guitar on this 70s throwback song. You've got backing horns like no one outside of a funk band had used in years, a solid fuzz bass line (recorded by Kravitz) and a driving drum line that according to Wikipedia, was too much drum for Gn'R drummer Adler (also recorded by Kravitz). Personally I don't hear the difficulty, but apperently if I want to test my claim I can play it on Guitar Hero: Aerosmith for myself.

You can hear how much Lenny loved the late 60's rock and 70s funk in this track; and he really put a perfect homage together. It is kind of really repetitive, but the horns break it up enough that it doesn't get boring. The horns (I think it's two trumpets and a sax) are the best part of this song; plus there's a great sax solo at the end and a solid Slash solo in the middle.

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