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Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Mad World"

Tears for Fears - Mad World (1982)

I haven't heard this version in decades. I have the Michael Andres/Gary Jules version and thought I was good, didn't need anything else. But this is something else. Overwhelmingly 80's of course, but not poppy at all. The electric synth stuff at the beginning is heavy and oppressive. When they break into the chorus it lets you take a breath, then straight back into the oppressive chords. In fact the second verse gives me the chills with the laughing brass at "happy birthday" and "no one knew me".

Instrumental break at 2:20 is scary for its lack of humanity. Everything played is perfect and on beat, like a distopian robot has decided that they can play the song so there is no longer any need for Tears for Fears to continue playing. Overall, I may love the Donnie Darko version, but this is excellently dark and off-putting.

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