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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


George Michael - Faith (1987)

Opening by quoting one of the biggest tracks of his previous band on church organ, this song switches quickly into a very streamlined sound for an 80's track. We've got a drum set, very sparingly used, a base line, the iconic acoustic guitar, and a variety of simple percussion sounds. I think I can make out Maracs, Cabasa, headless tambourine, and claves plus hand claps of course. This being an 80s song, we are of course granted a guitar solo, but this one is different. Starting around 2:38 we actually get an almost country/rockabilly style duet. We're definitely getting a slide guitar sound, and some steel guitar style for good measure.

There are two backing vocalists credited on the album, but not specifically on each track. I had always thought that all the backing vocals on this song were just George Michael, but whoever it is, the harmonies are very well done. I love that space right before 3:00. They let the guitar ring end naturally, then you can just hear someone inhale and boom. Right into the end.

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