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Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Hard to Beat"

Hard-Fi - Hard to Beat (2005)

Indie Rock with a dance beat. In fact, it's practically a disco song in disguise.

Obviously a real driving beat. During the verses the bass line is fast paced quarter notes and the guitar riffs on the 1s and 3s. There is a one vocal line - 4 measure spacer between the verses. It has a very airy electronic sound but with a weird almost underwater quality to the electric bass sound. The quote in the book from the writer of the song mentions listing to a lot of Daft Punk and that definitely comes to mind. The chorus is hard to break down instrumentally. There is guitar is playing sixteenth notes on the 1 and 2 letting it ring in to the rest of the measure and what sounds like keyboards is playing higher electric winds sounds. The first half of the chorus has very little bass, but the second half has a huge bass sound giving it a very different feeling. The drums keep on keeping on. I still feel like I'm missing something in the chorus. Between the chorus and the next verse, we get back to the guitar on the 1 and 3, but no bass line. A high pitched vocal yell echos off into nothing as the verse kicks back in.

After the second chorus we get a kind of break. The drums disappear aside from a very quiet high hat. The guitar really rings a long time and there is no bass at all. Then we get back into another chorus. Then they repeat the 4 measures between the verses 6 or 7 times while throwing out a very short rap. All this and it's a love song too.

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