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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"The Fear"

Lily Allen - The Fear (2009)

Fair warning. This is not the clean version.

Tongue placed very firmly in cheek, Lily Allen sings a song to material excess that would make Madonna seem reserved. It does do a quick little homage during the video. Starting with a simple acoustic guitar lick, the production kicks off the second verse with all light synth and drum machine with just enough bass to make sure it keeps moving, not enough to scare you away. Right after the first chorus, the synth falls away for a moment and reveals the simple acoustic guitar underneath it all holding the song together. All through the rest of the song your ear will try to hear it, but it will slip away every time you think you've got it. then the last verse begins and the producer (and co-songwriter) allows us to hear it one last time.

The song is catchy, and scary, and should be the theme song of every self aware tween on both sides of the pond. But who am I kidding, the song is over two year old; I'm sure no one is even listening to it anymore.

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