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Friday, January 20, 2012

"Into the Groove"

Madonna - Into the Groove (1985)

"Desperately seeking Susan. Meet me, four o'clock, Battery Park. Keep the faith. Love, Jim." 

One of the simplest songs Madonna ever wrote, this track nonetheless became an enormous success even though it was not released in the US as a single. It wasn't even available on an album when it first became popular. Due to disagreements with various record labels, the song wasn't on a Madonna album, or the soundtrack album to the movie it was featured in: Desperately Seeking Susan. Eventually it made it onto the B-side of the single Angel.

Vocally the song is an invitation; a very strongly worded, aggressive invitation, to dance with the singer. That's Madonna multi-tracked throughout the song, there are no back up singers. Musically the song has a fun conga drum part during the verse, but it is very hard to hear over all the electronic stuff. For the most part it's a synth bass line, keyboards and other electronic sounds held together with some disco/rock drums.

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