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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Sweet Disposition"

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (2008)

Produced by the Jim Abbiss, who did Arctic Monkey's debut album, Kasabian's debut, Adele's debut, Bombay Bicycle Club's debut; and worked with Ladytron, KT Tunstall, and DJ Shadow. He sleeps on a pillow made of indie cred.

The guitar riff that runs through this whole piece starts us off. It's echo-y, giving the song a dreamy start, even though the riff itself is forward moving. This balance between floating and driving in the guitar riff is found in the whole song. The lyrics are sung in a high falsetto and really stretched out. The lyrics themselves are about love and dreams, so they add to the floating around side of the equation. The style of singing just adds; putting the vocals fully on the side of the dream. The drums are my favorite part of the song. They drive forward, yet the odd accent beats make you feel like stumbling; which actually propels you further in and faster to try to keep your feet under you. Covers of the song without drums, or with a simpler drum part just fall flat. The bass part is a rock. Slow moving low notes, which because everything else is moving so fast actually make it noticeable.

Overall it's a nice song, a late summer wistful tune combined with a start of the school year kick out the jams rocker. The band is Australian but are much bigger in the UK and Ireland. I saw them play Virgin Free Fest in 2010. The were one of the early acts on the side stage. Very energetic and hard to understand, but the drummer was a beast.

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