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Monday, December 19, 2011

"Back for Good"

Take That - Back for Good (1995)

British Boy Band Wooo! You know I'm loving this.

Released in the last year the group was still a five piece vocal group, before Robbie Williams was kicked out for drug problems/quit the band to start a solo career. This was really the only chart topper the group had in America, but they were a huge success all over the globe. It was written by Gary Barlow, who also provides lead vocals.

Lyrically the song is about the singer, who has done something to run off the listener. The singer doesn't know what it is, but apologizes anyway. As anyone who has ever been in this situation can attest, that never ever works. He begs to be let back into the listener's life, but it is pretty clear that is not going to happen. Musically the song is driven by acoustic guitars, but does have a string section backing and simple drum set. Vocally the group is fine, the harmonies are nice, and the music doesn't cover them up. They all sing very high, there is not a lot of baritone or bass. Around 2:45 it really reminds be of a Bee Gees breakdown. Completely inoffensive pop song.

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