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Saturday, March 24, 2012


Weezer - "Slob" (2002)

"/I don't like how you're living my life/" (Cuomo)

After yesterday's upbeat message song, this one seems particularly down. Musically and lyrically the song is heavy. The singer is despondent over the direction his life is going, and the disappointment of someone else is making it worse. The line over the video is the real pull quote from the lyrics. When that person is heard it tears the singer down even further. Personally I like the interpretation that the other person is actually the singer's depressed voice in his head, but that might be reading too much into it.

The guitars are heavy and both ring out more and are fuzzier than early Weezer. Some people hear heavy metal influences in the song. The guitar solo in the middle is short, but pretty evocative. You can hear pain and anguish in the over-processed almost discordant echo during the eight measure solo. The song was a live-only fan favorite during their summer 2000 tour, so when the fans were asked their opinion of the new album the band was working on in 2002, there was a huge outpouring of interest in hearing the song recorded in the studio.

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