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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Mein Teil"

Rammstein - "Mein Teil" (2004)

Translates as My Part. It is left up as an exercise to the reader as to what part the band is talking about.

Threatening. That's the best way to describe the song. The opening electronic strings are marred by the sound of a knife being hones, setting the tone for the entire song. The lead vocal is sometimes overtly intimidating, and other times more of a hideously downtrodden voice, warning you of the impending doom. Sometimes another singer, or at least another tone from the same singer comes across, it sounds to me like he's coming through an old-timey radio.

Musically we've got kind of a blend of Rock and some sort of chamber techno. There's great crunchy guitars playing over a hard drum beat with heavy bass during some sections. Other sections feature precision drums reminiscent of techno with strings and a church choir singing, as well as shrieking. It's a multi-section piece, but the overwhelming theme is threatening. The video is also disturbing to watch. I guess that knowing the song is about a famous case of murder and cannibalism makes it all make sense.

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