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Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Rock You Like a Hurricane"

Scorpions - "Rock You Like a Hurricane" (1984)

This song is now mainly used in the background of video compilations of hot women tossing their hair. Or at sports arenas.

Oh 80s hair bands, only you could be so cheesy and yet have such amazing guitar solos at the same time. The rhythm guitar drums and bass have some of the easiest parts in rock. There are a couple of licks, each about two or four bars long, and you are playing one of those simple parts over and over again. Lyrically the song has about as much going for it as a poem assignment written on the bus on the way to school because you forgot to do it the night before. Now vocally, that's something else, lead singer Klaus Meine has got some range going on, and his pronunciation of Hurricane to rhyme with /Here I am/ is not to be forgotten. He's got a strained whisper like opening like a man who really needs release, and by the end he's screaming into the stratosphere.

The guitar solo work kinda deserves special mention here. Rudolf Schenker plays creative, fast, loud stuff, but it never seams like it's showy just to be showy. All of his licks are in time with, and in tune with the rest of the band. He doesn't just tap the fretboard as fast as he can, he's actually playing real notes and crafting a piece of music. 

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