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Monday, April 2, 2012

"It's a Sin"

Pet Shop Boys - "It's a Sin" (1987)

I now know where almost every Anime I've ever watched has gotten the inspiration for their closing credits song.

This is a really epic dance pop number. Church-like in tone, and disrespectful of the Church in its lyrics the song immediatly grabbed notice. Almost 25 years later, the fake storm sounds are a little humorous, but the horrible fake horns are the only thing that really need an update. The dance beat is pervasive but not overwhelming. You can actually hear the lyrics, the organ, the other synthesizer keyboards, and yes, the electronic horn section. The song sounds deep and rich, full of keyboard parts and orchestra hits and bass keyboard. Primary Pet Shop Boys keyboardist Chris Lowe had help on this song from Andy Richards, who did keyboard and programing work on many hit albums, working with acts like Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Donna Summer, Air Supply, Tina Turner and Def Leppard.

The coolest part of this song is right in the middle of it. A lot of the swirling music drops out and leaves singer Neil Tennant to sing in a minor key with a thudding bass drum behind him. Two years later Depeche Mode would release "Enjoy the Silence" and I think that song owes a lot to the bridge of this one.

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