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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Consolation Prizes"

Phoenix - Consolation Prizes (2006)

I want you to change it all/I am gonna make it better

A modern pop song in the best sense. Just over 3 minutes, driving locomotive sounding guitars, non stop drums (except for fun hand clapping stops) and clear bright voices singing out a catchy tune. Once you dig in, the lyrics expose that this is one of those songs that sound cheery but really have a darker feel. The singer has clearly been put in second place as a potential suitor. Either that, or the significant other has accepted him as a lover, but forced him to change so that he better suits their ideal.

The band has a great two guitar sound, with neither guitarist really taking the "lead" role, rather both of them work to weave a great snappy pop feel. The band doesn't actually have a drummer. Rather, they rely pretty heavily on Swedish drummer Thomas Hedlund. He plays with several bands in several styles, including indie rock, doom metal, and post metal. He's the drummer of record for most of the tracks on all of the albums by Phoenix.

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